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More Good Reasons to Shed Pounds Using the Official HCG Diet Plan

We mentioned earlier, both here and on the Official HCG Diet Plan website, how losing just 20 pounds can halve or more one’s chances of developing cardiovascular problems or type 2 diabetes. Those two avoidances are certainly reason enough to stay on the Official HCG Diet Plan and get down to one’s desired weight, but there’s more.

In addition, you can control your cholesterol and triglyceride levels by shedding weight. Cholesterol and triglycerides play big roles — when they’re elevated — in problems with arteries and plaque accumulation, which in turn can lead to heart attack and stroke.

So, while losing weight for vanity and appearance’s sake is important, think of the health benefits that accompany weight reduction.

We’ve received many, many testimonials attesting to the power of weight reduction to effect beneficial health changes. Official HCG Dieters report going off diabetes and blood pressure medications that they’ve been taking for years once they got down to their “normal” weight.

Join the healthy, zestful, youthful club of weight losers and life winners by continuing on your diet plan until you’re down to the level you need to for optimal physiological results. You can do it, and you owe it to yourself.


Just 20 Pounds Overweight? Think of the Health Benefits of Dropping the Extra Weight

A lot of us carry around 5, 10, 15, maybe 20 pounds in extra weight and rationalize it. “I probably should go on a diet, but it’s not that bad [it's normal, etc.],” we tell ourselves.

However, clinical studies have shown that just an extra 20 pounds can do a lot health-wise — and not in a good sense if we’re talking extra 20 pounds.

Losing just 20 pounds, regardless of the starting point, can make a huge difference in our health outcomes, reducing risk to our hearts by 50 percent while lessening out changes of developing type 2 diabetes by 70 percent!

That’s why we recommend you get started on a diet immediately, and we of course recommend the proven benefits of the Official HCG Diet Plan.

Check us out and start changing your life and your health today!


Want to ‘Cheat’ on Your HCG Diet? Try Raspberry Ketones

Now we don’t want you to cheat on the Official HCG Diet Plan by indulging in extra calories or foods that are guaranteed to pack the pounds on (think starchy, sugary foods), but there is a Dr.Oz-recommended way to “cheat” on your diet — add Raspberry Ketones to burn extra fat.

You see, this is a good way to cheat. Raspberry Ketones have been dubbed “fat burner in a bottle” for a good reason. The adiponectin protein found naturally in red raspberries is a proven fat chaser and breaker-downer.

We have specifically formulated our Raspberry Ketones supplement for those of you on the Official HCG Diet Plan, but it will certainly help burn fat for anyone, and certainly for HCG dieters on their maintenance phase when they’re not taking their HCG diet drops. Get yours today and add it to your dieting success story!


Dr. Oz Recommended It and Now We Offer African Mango

The seed of the African Mango, found on trees growing wild in West African, have long been chewed by tribal hunters on their long hunting trips to gain energy and control their appetites.

Now that it’s been brought to America as an appetite suppressant and weight-loss supplement, Dr. Oz tested African Mango and recommended it on his widely popular TV show as a great weight-loss supplement..

The Official HCG Diet Plan has developed its own African Mango supplement to work seamlessly with HCG diet drops and the Official HCG Diet Plan.

Check it out and get yours today: Our African Mango Supplement.


Where to Find No-Fat, No-Carb Miracle Noodles

Since the Official HCG Diet Plan shuns all starchy foods, that means pasta (along with bread, potatoes, rice, etc.) are off limits, whether in Phase 2 or Phase 3. There is a pasta product, however, called Miracle Noodles, and people on the Official HCG Diet Plan are frequently asking where they can find and purchase these noodles that contain no fat and no carbohydrates, thus making them safe for any no- or low-carb diet such as the Official HCG Diet Plan. Julian Bakery is a manufacturer of Miracle Noodles in both fettucini and angel hair varieties, and they do distribute to (mostly) health food stores and they also sell online. Check out the Julian Bakery site for ordering information and also for a store locator (which will save you shipping costs).


Five Most Common Questions About the HCG Diet Plan: Part V

The last question (actually, the fourth since we did the fifth one first) concerns how long one should stay on the Official HCG Diet Plan without running the risk of developing HCG immunity.

This really varies by the individual, but we do sell a 90-day HCG Diet Plan, and individuals have gone up to three straight months and not developed an immunity while shedding tons of weight. For most people who aren’t out to lose that much weight, however, certainly a 30- to 45-day Official HCG Diet Plan should do the trick while keeping you from developing an immunity.

You’ll know when you’ve reach the plateau when you start developing a weakness and hunger you haven’t experienced before, signaling that your body is not responding to the HCG drops. At that point, you should go off the HCG diet drops protocol for six weeks before beginning again.

Read our HCG immunity article.


Five Most Common Questions About the HCG Diet: Part IV

The third most asked question regarding the Official HCG Diet Plan regards which foods dieters are allowed to eat. To answer, the first thing you need to understand is that there are three phases to the HCG diet.

Phase 1 is the first two days of taking the HCG diet drops. During this phase, you can eat as you normally do–anything goes. Phase 2 starts on Day 3, when definite food restrictions kick in (more below). Phase 3 commences when you’re completed the first two phases and go on to a maintenance diet after 20 to 45 days; during this phase, you can consume more than 500 calories a day (without the HCG drops), but the food restrictions still apply.

Now, as for the food restrictions, the first two no-noes (on the do-not-eat-ever list) are sugars and starches. So gone are bread, pasta, donuts, sweetened drinks, and so on. Its pretty simple to figure out what’s on this no-never list (even in Phase 3). Then there are combinations of fruits, vegetables and proteins that you must follow on the diet itself. (Click on the links for more details.)

In essence, then, Phase 3 is just Phase 2 food-wise, but with more calories and no HCG diet drops (to prevent developing immunity). If you adhere to the restrictions, you should do fine on Phase 3 maintaining your weight loss, but if you go back to your old ways, be prepared to regain some if not all of the weight you lost.


Five Most Common Questions About the HCG Diet: Part III

We’re now up to (or back to, depending on how you look at it) question number two: How does the HCG diet work? There are two parts to the answer. One involves the dietary regimen the dieter undertakes, and the other concerns the functionality of the HCG itself.

First, as for the diet and its requirements, people on the HCG diet must shun all starches and sugars and consume large amounts of water (equal to one ounc a day for every pound of one’s weight). On top of that, the total caloric input cannot exceed 500 calories a day, and the way types of food (proteins, fruits, vegetables, and so on) are combined (or not) and consumed is greatly important. This part alone is going to shed pounds from anyone, but the question remains: how fast will you lose weight and from which parts of the body?

This question segues into the second part of the diet, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG. As Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered when he pioneered the HCG diet in the 1950s, HCG works on the hypothalamus to control the metabolism and direct weight loss at areas of the body where fat shouldn’t be (generally, abdomen, thighs, limbs, and so on). Thus the HCG controls the diet process so that it slims you in the right places, in other words, in those places where the fat shouldn’t be to begin with. Without the HCG, your body could easily consume fat from parts of the body where it’s needed when confronted by the demands of a very low calorie (VLC) diet of 500 calories a day.

For more information, please visit the Official HCG Diet Plan’s Resources section.


Five Most Common Questions About the HCG Diet: Part II

This past week we answered question number four (out of order, sorry), so let’s look at number one today: What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced by pregnant women to ensure calories are properly allocated between mother and fetus.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the physician who pioneered the HCG diet protocol, while working in India observed that pregnant women there, even though they were basically undernourished, still produced healthy babies and remained healthy themselves. Later, while working in Rome, he conducted more experiments with HCG and realized that it controlled the natural consumption, or burning, of fat through the hormone’s effect on the hypothalamus. ┬áHe opened a clinic, where he dispensed HCG through injections and helped people lose weight while contouring their bodies (not losing muscle fat, etc.).

Today, we have HCG diet drops, which are just as effective and less expensive and painful as HCG injections, and thousands and thousands of people worldwide are shedding bodies and bringing their bodies back to the youthful vigor and beauty they once had (before overeating).

For more on Dr. Simeons, read this, and for more on the basis of the diet, read this.


Five Most Common Questions About the HCG Diet

The five most common questions we hear about the HCG diet plan are: 1) What is HCG? 2) How does the HCG diet work? 3) What foods can I eat on the HCG diet plan? 4) How long can I stay on the HCG diet drops? and 5) Where can I buy safe HCG?

Today, let’s look just at number four — how long is it safe to take the HCG diet drops? Here the maximum length is 45 days (for which we at Official HCG Diet Plan have tailored a special diet package) . Then during the maintenance phase (Phase 3) of your HCG diet, you need to stay off the HCG drops for four weeks before commencing your diet again (if you need to lose more weight or choose to resume).

We’ll get to the other questions in other blog posts, but as for number five — HCG diet drops sold by the Official HCG Diet Plan are made in the United States of pure ingredients in FDA-registered facilities. We can highly recommend our HCG diet drops.

For further details on question number four, please read this.